stellar performance at spring fair 2014

As part of an extended brief, we were asked to design a 6mx3m exhibition space for January Spring Fair 2014 held each year at Birmingham NEC. From November 2013, we've been working with fellow designer Andy Paterson-Jones, re-branding 'Stellar' Party People. Formerly Posh Party Products, the company wanted to change their approach to the market & offer a wider product base. Having completed the core brand in late 2013, we worked with an exhibition company to develop the space & implement brand guidelines set up by Andy & us.


Part of the requirement was a 60 second looped animation playing on the stand. We incorporated some iconography to align the customer with the brand directives. These icons will represent an easier way of navigating around a growing product list online. We're currently polishing and putting collateral like the website in place. See the branding project here.