prevamp© deliver confident packaging solutions, from FMCG to luxury brand. Finding the 'truth' of a product from a buyer perspective means reflecting the ethos and origins of a brand through great design, materials, the shape of packaging, feel and even the smell of it!

At prevamp©, we're obsessed with getting the pitch to market right. Atmosphere, tone, pace, ethos, buying habits and strategy all play a significant role in shaping brands. Get the packaging right and gain the advantage, get it wrong and buyers will let you know. We are quite a fickle bunch after all! The first bite is with the eye when it comes to most decisions in our lives and we at prevamp© believe it.

distinction is to be different, to stand out, to be perceived, to champion over others - strategic pack design is one tool in the box that can take you to the next level.

ben bryant - creative director

Looking professional requires a professional approach. Cabots of Westport weren't getting good advice or representation until they spoke to prevamp©. Consulting on four FMCG products, we reconstructed the logo and applied it with illustrative work to complete the new engaging look and feel. We're now working with them to establish the brand.